A-1 Access Control Systems, Inc.

About Us

The actual roots of our company can be traced back to 1960, when A-1 Lock & Key was formed.  Through the years, A-1 Lock & Key built their reputation as one of the finest Locksmiths in the area.  As we watched new electronics and electric locking devices become more prevalent, we decided to rename and restructure our business in 1987.

At A-1 Access Control Systems, Inc. we design, install and service security Access Control, CCTV / Camera and Intercom Systems.  We provide a better end-product than our competition simply by realizing and acting upon the needs of our customers and employees.  Moving forward, we have intentionally controlled the growth of our business by opting to maintain a smaller, more loyal group of employees and clients.  We believe our SERVICE after the sale and KNOWLEDGE of our products will continually set us apart from our competition.

The Owners

   Owners: John Cline, Jeff Adams, and Jeremy Hennessy